Homework 24.06.2022

This week the children have been fruit tasting and exploring the healthy food games on Purple Mash. Please discuss with your child their favourite fruit and get them to create a fruit bowl on Purple Mash. It will be available in the 2do section. The next level of Bond Bubbles shall also be available on your child’s 2do section.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Pollard and Mrs Sykes

Forest School

The children have really enjoyed their first experience of Forest School and loved their last session eating marshmallow sandwiches around the campfire.

Please see Tapestry for your child’s photos.

Homework 10.06.2022

Homework this week is on Purple Mash. Your child’s login is towards the front of their Home School Links book. Please check the 2Do section on Purple Mash where you will find the Bond Bubbles activity. If your child is confident on level one of Dino World, then please continue to work through the other levels. This activity can be accessed via a phone, laptop or Ipad.


Forest School

In the first session the children were introduced to our Forest School site and went through the safety rules to apply during sessions. They also made a Forest School necklace.

Please see Tapestry for your child’s photos.

Subitising Homework 15.10.21

Over the last few weeks we have been exploring a variety of mathematical concepts with the children. An important aspect of the EYFS mathematics curriculum is Subitising ie showing children ‘quick images’ and asking them how many they see is one way of developing subitising. An alternative way of developing conceptual subitising is to show children a number of dots and ask them to say how they see the number  Subitising is important for children’s mathematical development for many reasons: It helps children to understand what numbers mean or how many ‘things’ a number refers to. It helps learners with pattern recognition. It helps children to not over-rely on counting.  Young children have powerful visual  memories and some may find it easier to remember images than words. Subitising can help children to build images for numbers, to visualise and to learn number facts. For instance, most four-year-olds readily learn to recognise five dots on a dice, which helps them to understand the cardinal value or ‘howmanyness’ of five, which they can link to the word and symbol for 5. Structured images like this also help children to begin to see numbers inside numbers, for instance seeing four and one within five.

We have been sharing a variety of images and resources with the children and asking them What can you see? For example when showing them 5 conkers they are starting to say

I can see 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1

I can see 2 and 2 and 1

I can see 4 and 1…

We have added a subitising powerpoint below which you can share with your child or you could select a variety of resources from around your home to explore.


Let us know how your child gets on . Happy subitising!

Tapestry and Library Laws

*Only for parents that haven’t signed up*

Please sign up for Tapestry as soon as possible. The link has been posted on the reception website page and you should have also received a text message.

The Library Laws letter is in your child’s Home School Links book. Your child will not be able to go to the library if this is not signed.