Over the next couple of days you should receive a link which will enable you to download your child’s Tapestry account. Please do this as soon as possible as the link will expire. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the activities your child has engaged in at school, we have certainly appreciated the photos and comments you have added.

Many thanks Mrs Pollard and Mrs Sykes

Homework 15.07.22

The children have a sheet in their folder Old Class, New Class. This homework gives you the opportunity to discuss todays visit to their new class and think about things they would like to do in Year 1. We have been having conversations with the children this week and they seem excited about their next chapter at Muxton School.

Thank you to everyone who has completed and returned the parents and child comments sheet from the report. If you have not sent yours back yet please return it next week.

Please send hats and water bottles on Monday.

Happy weekend from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Sykes

Homework 08.07.22

Following our visit from Mr Jones on Monday when he brought the skeleton and some bones for us to explore, our homework this weekend is to label parts of the body on the sheet in the Home School book.

Mr Jones visits Muxton School

Mr Jones, Mr Bones and Mr Muscle visited us today to teach us all about keeping healthy. We talked about healthy food and exercise. We explored a variety of bones and then did a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire quiz. What an exciting, interesting and informative morning we have had.


Homework 01/07/22

This week we have been finding out which fruits people prefer. We have been collecting the information on a chart. The children have brought a  chart home to find their family’s favourite fruit.

We have been looking at and drawing maps. We drew a map of our walk to the park. if you go on a walk this weekend can your child draw a map of their journey?


Walk to church

On Thursday 30th June we shall be walking to St John’s Church. We are finding out about places and books which are special to Christians. We shall be leaving school at 9.15 and returning before lunch.
Please sign your child’s home school book to give permission for your child to join us on the walk.

Many thanks

L Pollard and A Sykes