Introduction to Year 1

In order to support the transition from Reception EYFS to Year 1, we have created a Welcome to year 1 booklet. This contains some information and frequently asked questions to ensure that you and your child have a smooth transition to us in September.
This information will also be available during the open classroom afternoon today from 3:30pm- 4:30pm. We do appreciate that not all parents and care givers can attend today, so we have also included all the information in the handbook linked below.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact any member of the year 1 Team by emailing and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.
Please find a copy of the information that will be shared shared during the open classroom here: Introduction to year 1 Information for parents

We are very much looking forward to meeting you all in September!

The Year 1 Team

Parent information – Threadworms

Dear Parents/Carers

We have received a notification of a case of threadworms in KS1. As a precaution we are advising parents. School has taken the necessary precautions and encourages regular hand washing. Please read the guidance in the following link for more information.

What the Queen has seen – Friday 10th June

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee we will holding a special celebration day on Friday 10th June. We are calling the day, ‘What the Queen has seen’ as we dress up as famous figures from the different decades that the Queen has been on the throne. We would like every child to prepare some information about their decade that they can share out loud with the rest of their class. The aim of the day is to give the children an insight into just how long the Queen has ruled for and a sense of chronology around some of the events that have taken place in living memory.

If you are struggling for ideas with what to wear then please use the links below. Your child can come as ‘a person’ from their given decade if you are finding a historical figure difficult; they can wear clothes that look like they would have been worn during their decade and their presentation can be about the decade in general.

Authors and musicians are a great place to start along with world leaders, actors and sports stars.

Year 6 – 1950s

Year 5 – 1960s

Year 4 – 1970s

Year 3 – 1980s

Year 2 – 1990s

Year 1 – 2000s and beyond: Famous people that are still alive now! Will we see a Boris Johnson or JK Rowling in the school?

Reception – Kings and Queens: Our Reception classes will be learning about the famous kings and queens that existed before Queen Elizabeth II’s rule so any king or queen from before 1952 would be great.

Reception Forest School

Dear Parents and Carers of Reception children

Forest School sessions for Reception will start after the Easter holiday. Mrs Pollard’s class sessions will be on a Wednesday and Mrs Sykes’ on a Thursday. Please see the attached letter for further details and the clothing the children will need.

The children will be told which session they will be taking part.

Forest School LP

Forest School ASY

Reception Parent’s Evening Consultations

Dear Parents and Carers of Reception children,

Following the recent feedback from parents, we will be offering our Spring term Reception parent’s evening consultations face to face in school but also offering the option of a phone call or Teams video call on selected dates.

Please follow the link below to indicate when you will be available for your consultation. This link will close at midnight on Thursday 17th March.

Once you have completed the below form, your child’s teacher will be in touch to let you know your allocated time slot.

Reception Parent’s Evening