Year 1 Homework

The children have now had a few weeks of Forest School which they are really enjoying. This week we would like your child to draw a picture of their favourite activity that they have done in this session. Please talk to your child about what they have enjoyed. They can then write a few sentences about what they have done. They should remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when writing in pencil if possible.

The children need to write the date at the top of the page along with Forest School.

ie. Friday 24th June          Forest School

Year 1 Homework

Please read with your child this holiday and go over any sounds in their phonics folders.

Your child has  also come home tonight with some alien and real words to read in preparation for their Phonics screening after the holiday.

Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you in June!

Homework and Vocabulary Builder List Year 1 -20.5.22

Vocabulary Builder List …

     United Kingdom            Countries

 England               Scotland           Wales                  Northern Ireland

     Capital City                 

Can you explain the meaning and / or orally use each word in a sentence? We understand some words are difficult to explain as standalone words so using them in the context of a sentence helps.


Alongside the words above can you  support your child with looking at the information on the knowledge organiser  below and discuss the information shown linked to our recent geography work and field work in our local area.

Our School Knowledge Organiser Year 1

Our Country Knowledge Organiser Year 1

Our Local Area Knowledge Organisers Year 1

Thank You

Year 1 Team


Year 1 Homework

Please see attached the Geography Knowledge Organiser linked to this half term’s geography, for you to discuss with your child to support their learning within school. We have been learning about the UK: the countries and the capital cities. We have also discussed what we might find in the town and the country.

They could perhaps draw a map of the UK and label or make a model out of playdoh and label the countries or capital cities. Photos of anything they create can be sent to the Year 1 email.

Our Country Knowledge Organiser Year 1

The sheet will also come home in their reading folders.

Have a good weekend

Year 1 Homework

The children will come home tonight with a sheet containing a summary of what we have been covering recently in science. Please could you talk through what is on the sheet emphasising the language in bold. There are also investigations which you can do with your child. Please revisit on a regular basis to help embed the knowledge.

Thank you

Year 1 Homework

Homework this week is work on taller shorter which will come home in their homework books. In addition to this, please could they continue to practise counting in 2s and 5s whenever they can.