Year 2 Homework 24.6.22

Homework 24.6.22

For homework this week we would like your child to read a Katie Morag book or watch an episode online. We would like your child to familiarise themselves with the characters and the Isle of Struay (where Katie Morag lives). You can find episodes on cbeebies iplayer or on youtube. This link will take you to an episode  Katie Morag S02 E13 Katie Morag and the Worst Day Ever – video Dailymotion

Year 2 Homework 26.5.22

This week for homework we would like you to continue to practise learning your poem ready to recite the first week back after half term.

Well done for all your hard work. Have a restful break.

Mrs Shah & Mrs Coe


Year 2 Homework 20.5.22

Homework 26.5.22

For homework we would like you to learn this poem so you are able to recite it in class.


He is just a fluffy chicken


He is just a fluffy chicken.

He is only one day old.

His beak is sort of yellow.

The rest of him is gold.

‘Cheep, cheep,’ is all he says.

It doesn’t mean a lot.

But it’s all that he can utter.

It’s all the speech he’s got.



Finola Akister