Year 2 Homework 18.3.22

Homework 18.3.22

On Wednesday the 23rd of March we will be celebrating World Maths Day. Our theme will be Alice in Wonderland. For homework, we would like you to design a Mad Hatter’s maths themed hat. Prizes will be given to the most creative hat. Have fun!

Year 2 Homework 11.3.22

We are currently learning about the Great Fire of London, and we will be learning about firefighters and writing about them in our English work. For homework this week we would like you to find out information about firefighters.

What do they wear?

What jobs and responsibilities do they have?

What equipment do they use? Etc

Year 2 Homework 4.3.22

This week for homework we would like you to explore fractions with your child. Use practical equipment or draw images to help your child understand what a fraction is. Focus on a half, a quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters, a whole, 1 third and 2 thirds.

Many Thanks

Mrs Shah and Mrs Coe