Year 3 homework – 10.6.22

Please could we remind children to ensure that their reading records are brought to school every day and taken home again every evening.

Homework 10th June

In science we have been looking at the skeleton. To support the children’s understanding, we would like them to create a biography on the scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen and his work on Xrays. This is work that we would like to add to the children’s science books so thinking about how it is presented, either on the computer or a poster about him would be perfect!

Some questions to think of to help with the research:

Who is he? When was he alive? What is he famous for? What impact does his discovery have on modern life?

Please could this be handed in by 15th June

Year 3 – Homework 20.5.22

Over the next 3 weeks, we would like the children to create a model dragon. As part of our Art we had been looking at existing dragons and then creating our own imaginative creatures. We have also just started look at the book ‘How to train your dragon’ in both English and Guided Reading. We would like the children to bring their models into school to form part of a display celebrating their artwork and story writing.

The models can be made from absolutely anything – let your imagination run wild! We would like the dragons in school for the week beginning Monday 6th June. Please do not send them in before hand.

This will be the only homework set between now and Friday 10th June to give the children plenty of time.

Below are some examples to inspire you.

Have fun!

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image


Year 3 homework 13.5.22

Just as a reminder, as per last week homework is for the children to continue to practise the poem below ready to perform in class.

It has been wonderful to see so many children excited to have already committed the poem to memory and hearing them reciting it in school for practise.

Lucy Hawking visit this Tuesday 10th May – Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather

The first title in globally bestselling author and science educator Lucy Hawking’s new middle grade STEM series: Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather published just in time for Earth Day 2022. To celebrate its publication Lucy is only visiting two Midlands schools on Tuesday 10th May to talk to children in years 3,4,and 5 about it and we are lucky enough to be one of those schools!

You can reserve Lucy’s book via Scopay. Your child will then receive a signed copy on the day. If your child is not in yr3, yr4 or yr5 you can still order a book if you wish. Please email with a subject line of Lucy Hawking.

About the Book:

Olivia Alez is delighted about finally living a life away from the royal palace in the mountains that used to be her home after the Kingdom of Alez decides it doesn’t want a royal family anymore. Now she can give up boring princess lessons and learn about real things like volcanoes, the ocean and space!

But Olivia is completely unprepared for the world that awaits her. Thick, dark clouds hang low over the city, and the rivers that she so longed to see are choked with rubbish. And on top of it all, the weather just feels wrong. With scorching hot sun one day and torrential rainfall the next, it seems nearly impossible for the people and animals in Alez to adapt to their extreme climate.

Olivia, horrified by what she sees, becomes determined to get to the bottom of Alez’s dangerous weather patterns. With the help of some new friends and armed with a scientific lab coat that would make Albert Einstein jealous, Olivia sets out to solve the mystery and save Alez from climate destruction before it’s too late.

With expert non-fiction information scattered throughout, Princess Olivia Investigates will inspire the scientists and activists of the future.

About the Author:

Lucy Hawking is a children’s writer, the co-creator of non-fiction compendium Unlocking the Universe and the George fiction series, with her father Stephen Hawking. Lucy is a former journalist, having written widely for British newspapers, and she gives regular talks about science and stories to audiences all over the world.

Year 3 homework 6.5.22

For the next two weeks we would like the children to learn a poem. Part of our English curriculum is to support the children with their speaking and listening skills.

We would like the children to learn and recite the following poem.

This is a fun poem which links to our Volcano topic and we encourage the children to be confident and emotive when reciting the poem.

The children will get the opportunity to perform the poem in class and we do ask for them to try their best to learn it off by heart. This will also be the homework set for next week to give the children plenty of time to practice their performance.

Year 3 homework 29.4.22

This week in maths we have been looking at fractions and in particular we have been learning about tenths.

We would like the children to complete the following activity.

On the link below you will find 2 sheets of homework. A copy of page 1 has been stuck in the children’s homework books and we expect this one to be completed.

If they would like an additional challenge, they can have a go at page 2, which can be found via the link below.

tenths activity homework 29.4.22

We have also added a copy of the answers – just in case!

tenths answers 29.4.22

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Year 3 Homework – 8.4.22

After working so hard this term, we would like the children to enjoy their Easter Holidays! Spend time outside in the fresh air and making some memories with their friends and family.

If you would like to support your child over the holidays, keep practicing your timestables on timestable rockstars and have a look at the year 3/4 spelling list (which is in the middle pages of your reading records!)

Enjoy and thank you for all your hard work!

See you on Tuesday 26th April!