Year 3 Trip to Challenge Academy – Friday 8th July

To the Parent/Carer of Children in Years 3

Dear Parent/Carer

As part of our work in English, we are focusing on adventure stories and our theme this term about mountains in the summer term, we have planned a trip to Challenge Academy in Sedgley where the children will be participating in a full day of activities including high ropes, team building games, and wall climbing.

We will be travelling by coach and we will return to school for the end of the school day. The children will require a packed lunch in a disposable plastic bag with a drink (not fizzy) in a disposable carton.  School jumpers over P.E kit and jogging bottoms should be worn for the visit. They should wear strong sturdy footwear such as trainers (no open toed shoes, slip on shoes etc). In case of poor weather a water proof jacket is recommended.  Long hair should be tied back in a low ponytail. Jewellery should not be worn. It is recommended that participants bring a refillable water bottle.

The cost of the trip is £24 per child to cover the cost of admission. The school will be subsidising the cost of transport to and from the venue.  Under the circumstances of the circumstances of the Education Reform Act 1988 we can only raise the cost of the event by voluntary contributions.  However, the event can only go ahead if the cost of the visit is met by contributions.  Please pay and give permission via your child’s SCOPAY account

We will be going on the trip on Friday 8th July. We will be leaving school at 9:10am in order to arrive by 10am and we will be leaving the centre at 2:20pm in order to return by 3:10.

Many thanks

Miss Martin and Mr Rice

Choir this week and Summer Fair performance

The choir will rehearse in the hall this Thursday 23rd June after school at 3:10 to 4pm as usual.

We will rehearse ready to perform at the Summer Fair on Friday. The choir will sing at 4pm on Friday and we would love to have all of the choir able to join us on the field at 3:50pm so that we have time to set up.

I am sure many of you are staying for the start of the Summer Fair straight after school anyway but please let me know if your child will not be able to join us.

Hot weather!

We are so thrilled that we finally have some glorious sunshine! However with temperatures due to increase tomorrow, please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school. We are trying to encourage them to drink often and building in more water breaks for them as a result of the hotter weather.

Remember, if you would like to send in sun cream for your child, this can be sent in but your child must hand it into their class teacher for safe keeping. Your child’s teacher will supervise your child applying the sun cream. Please ensure that the bottle is labelled as we can not allow children to share sun cream.


80s day in Year 3!

The children (and staff) have had a great time dressing up as 80s icons today!

They have all worked so hard at the costumes and presentations – thank you for all the effort put in!

Here is a picture of Miss Martin’s class dressed up – I think you will agree that they all look fabulous!

Choir today – Thursday 9th June

Thank you to all parents who contacted us to let us know that your child would like to join the KS2 choir. If you have emailed us then your child has been added and will be able to attend today. Existing members still need to come as usual.

We rehearse in the school hall from 3:10 to 4pm. Please collect your child from the double doors in the corner of the hall.

LEARN THE YOUNG VOICES SONGS: You can sign up for a free login that allows you to rehearse the songs and performances here.

KS2 Choir this Thursday 9th June

Choir for children in years 3 to 6 will take place this Thursday for all existing members and also for those children who would like to join. If you would like your child to join the choir you must email the address with a subject of ‘Choir’ so we can include your child on our register.

The choir meet in the school hall at 3:10 and finishes at 4pm. Children are picked up from the corner doors of the hall.

What the Queen has seen – dress up this Friday 10th June

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee we will holding a special celebration day on Friday 10th June. We are calling the day, ‘What the Queen has seen’ as we dress up as famous figures from the different decades that the Queen has been on the throne. We would like every child to prepare some information about their decade that they can share out loud with the rest of their class. The aim of the day is to give the children an insight into just how long the Queen has ruled for and a sense of chronology around some of the events that have taken place in living memory.

If you are struggling for ideas with what to wear then please use the links below. Your child can come as ‘a person’ from their given decade if you are finding a historical figure difficult; they can wear clothes that look like they would have been worn during their decade and their presentation can be about the decade in general. Perhaps you could draw some inspiration from the Royal Pageant buses that were themed on each decade?

Authors and musicians are a great place to start along with world leaders, actors and sports stars. Will the Beatles reform?

Year 6 – 1950s

Year 5 – 1960s

Year 4 – 1970s

Year 3 – 1980s

Year 2 – 1990s

Year 1 – 2000s and beyond: Famous people that are still alive now! Will we see a Boris Johnson or JK Rowling in the school?

Reception – Kings and Queens: Our Reception classes will be learning about the famous kings and queens that existed before Queen Elizabeth II’s rule so any king or queen from before 1952 would be great.