Muxton Reception/KS1 and KS2 Sports Day


With just over a week left till our Reception/KS1 sports day, and after two years without a sports day, we are sure the children cannot wait to get back to getting out on the field, competing for their house and potentially winning the school sports trophy!

Just to remind parents, please see the below dates and times for both sports days.

Reception/KS1 Sports Day: Tuesday 5th July 2022   Start Time: 9.30am

KS2 Sports Day: Tuesday 12th July 2022    Start Time: 9.30am

Both sports days should finish around 11am but again, these can run over given the nature of the events and how many children we have participating.

The schedule of our sports day will continue to be a carousel of activities, and, if enough time, we will endeavour to hold a more competitive element of races too!

For each sports day, we would love to see the children wear the colour of their house in the form of a t-shirt so that all groups can be easily recognised and each child can see they are representing their house. Don’t worry too much if this isn’t possible, wear as close to the colour or just normal white PE top if not.

Please provide your child with a water bottle and weather permitting, make sure that your child has sun cream applied in the morning before they enter/leave for school and a hat provided.

We look forward to holding an enjoyable and somewhat competitive sports day for all children and parents to be part of!

PE Staff

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