Year 5 Homework 24.6.22

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Homework 24.6.22 – Science

Over the past few weeks, we have started studying the lifecycles of various animals and insects.

We would like the children to choose an animal or insect that they haven’t studied in class, but are curious about, and draw and label the lifecycle of it. (Please feel free to do more than one.) Try and find out some extra facts about the lifecycle that you could include too. Your work can be completed on paper or using a computer.

Words Week 3

Say it in a sentence – Use the word in a sentence correctly.

Read it out loud – Can your child pronounce the word correctly when reading it?

Explain the word – Define what the word means.

Use the word – Encourage your child to use the word in day-to-day speech with lots of praise if they do!


Yr5 Wordlist Say it Read it Explain it Use it

Sentences to say:

  • What is the pronunciation of this word?
  • Half the city was destroyed by a disastrous fire.
  • The company has developed a new allergy medication.
  • He reached the passenger side of the car and held the door open for her.
  • A large proportion of old people live alone.